Ranking every NBA player: 11-15

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We asked 91 experts to rate each player on a 0-to-10 scale, in terms of "the current quality of each player."

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Pau Gasol at number 11? He is the most offensively skilled big man in the NBA right now, but he forgot to play against the Mavs in the playoffs. #NBArankFri Oct 14 22:18:00 via web

Wait, wait. Not only is Blake Griffin in the #NBArank Top 10, but he's also ahead of Pau Gasol?! Wow. Bad call there.Fri Oct 14 22:18:49 via Tweetlogix

Pau Gasol at number 11 seems right. I feel like last season's playoffs was just an aberration. He'll come back strong next season. #NBARankFri Oct 14 23:16:54 via web

@carmeloanthony number 12 and Pau Gasol at number 11 on #NBArank makes me sick. It's disrespectful to put Blake Griffin in front of them. We need a #recount. Sat Oct 15 00:05:41 via web




Carmelo Anthony
New York Knicks | SF | Age: 27
Drafted: 3rd in 2003 (by DEN)


I needed some motivation today, and I just received it. Thank you @NBAonESPN!!!!!!!!!Fri Oct 14 20:34:36 via web

#NBArank Melo at 12. If the game is on the line, I want Melo taking the final shot. He's the definition of clutch.Fri Oct 14 21:00:23 via UberSocial for BlackBerry

What do you get when you mix a top-10 offensive game and a bottom-10 defensive game? Melo with an overrated ranking at No. 12.Fri Oct 14 21:06:01 via Twitter for iPhone

There are not 11 players better than Melo. Fri Oct 14 21:10:48 via Tweetlogix

#NBArank People are killing Carmelo Anthony for not playing defense ... as if Dirk ever stopped anyone.Fri Oct 14 21:44:04 via web




Amare Stoudemire
New York Knicks | PF | Age: 28
Drafted: 9th in 2002 (by PHX)


STAT made Knicks fans believers. He'd rank No. 1 if this were a list for NBA players who have recovered from microfracture surgeries. #NBArankFri Oct 14 19:17:03 via web

Amare left PHX to prove he was a legit franchise player and as soon as he did he got overshadowed again by another franchise player. #NBArankFri Oct 14 18:10:23 via web

As good as Amare is, does anyone else feel like he's always leaving something on the table? Rebounds, defense, etc.? #nbarankFri Oct 14 18:41:31 via web

My question is would Amare be ranked higher than Nash if they were still on the same team? #NBArankFri Oct 14 19:02:53 via web




Steve Nash
Phoenix Suns | PG | Age: 37
Drafted: 15th in 1996 (by PHX)


@NBAonESPN #NBArank Not a lifetime achievement award. Nash legitimately had an MVP-type season last year with that weak Suns roster.Fri Oct 14 16:07:51 via web

@NBAonESPN #NBArank Nash at 14 is as accurate as one of his no-look passes.Fri Oct 14 16:14:07 via web

@NBAonESPN Nash is like fine wine ... gets better with age. Has one of the highest IQs of a point guard. And he represents Canada! #NBArankFri Oct 14 16:03:51 via web

Steve Nash at No. 14 is as big of a joke as him being handed two MVP awards. #NBArankFri Oct 14 17:40:32 via web




Russell Westbrook
OKC Thunder | PG | Age: 22
Drafted: 4th in 2008 (by SEA)


@NBAonESPN So Russell Westbrook is 15, despite the fact that he is statistically identical to Derrick Rose in almost EVERY way?? #NBARankFri Oct 14 14:36:11 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Russell Westbrook in front of Rondo ... I don't know about that one. #nbarankFri Oct 14 14:29:31 via Twitter for iPhone

#NBARank Russell Westbrook at 15, which is also the same amount of times he should pass instead of shoot during a game.Fri Oct 14 14:44:20 via web

Let Russell Westbrook's basketball IQ catch up to his talent and skills. He'll be top five in no time. #NBArankFri Oct 14 14:54:40 via web

#nbarank: Westbrook at 15?! Atrocious! How is he ranked so high if his coach can't even rely on him during the playoffs?Fri Oct 14 14:48:53 via web

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* Score: Tiebreakers are first based on percentage points; scores have been rounded off. The second tiebreaker is based on John Hollinger's estimated wins added for the 2010-11 NBA season (rookies were given an EWA of zero).