Sources: Magic eye Monta Ellis trade

The Orlando Magic have reached out to the Golden State Warriors about trading for Monta Ellis, according to league sources.

No deal is imminent, but Orlando is trying to add Ellis to its roster in hopes of appeasing Dwight Howard. Rather than aggressively pursuing a trade of Howard before the March 15 deadline, the Magic are desperately seeking a move that will convince Howard he can stay in Orlando.

Howard has long mentioned Ellis, who is the seventh leading scorer in the league with a 22.2 points average, as someone he would love to play with.

Golden State is willing to listen to the Magic about a potential trade for its shooting guard, but there is little on Orlando's roster that appeals to the Warriors, according to sources.

Thus, the sides are not close to having the parameters of a deal in place. Instead, Orlando will begin looking for other clubs to get involved in a three-or four-team deal that would satisfy the Warriors and bring Ellis to Orlando.

Golden State's greatest desire is to add a quality big man to its roster.

In fact, sources say the Warriors would actually like to trade for Howard, even though he has said he will not sign to play there long-term. In approaching the Magic about a Howard trade earlier this season, the Warriors were willing to send Ellis to Orlando in the trade.

Senior writer Chris Broussard covers the NBA for ESPN The Magazine.