Jeremy Lin's Rockets get tire sponsor

A company that became a sponsor of the New York Knicks thanks to "Linsanity" is following Jeremy Lin to Houston.

Maxxis Tires, a tire brand whose global headquarters are based in Taiwan, announced Tuesday afternoon that it would become a sponsor of Lin's new team, the Houston Rockets.

The company says it will be guaranteed one minute of television exposure through courtside LED signage during Rockets home games and, as part of its contract, gets to sponsor a promotional night.

This past February, as the Asian-American point guard captivated the nation, Maxxis signed a deal with the Knicks.

Having a tire company sponsor the Rockets keeps the car theme going. The Rockets play in the Toyota Center and Lin himself is sponsored by Volvo.

Last month, Lin signed a three-year, $25.1 million contract. When the Knicks refused to entertain the offer, Madison Square Garden stock plummeted in anticipation of the fact that business could be lost as the player who finished the regular season No. 2 in jersey sales was taking his business elsewhere. Since that time, shares have rebounded.