Shaquille O'Neal could play in Mexico

Shaquille O'Neal is in talks to play a few games in the Mexican league, Sergio Ganem, president of the Fuerza Regia team, said Wednesday.

The 15-time NBA All-Star would play a couple of games this October.

The 40-year-old retired NBA center received the invitation this past August during a visit to Monterrey, where he did some social work at a community center for youth in wheelchairs.

No deal is in place, but Ganem spoke with O'Neal by phone in an attempt to convince him to return to action, and the team expects a response from O'Neal next week. Ganem noted that O'Neal's availability will depend, in large part, upon his schedule as analyst for TNT's Inside the NBA.

Fuerza Regia has distinguished itself for attention-grabbing contracts in the past. The team brought in Dennis Rodman in 2004 for two games and 7 foot, 9-inch player Sun Ming Ming, of China. The season started Sept. 4.