LeBron X, with works, to cost $270

It won't be the $300 sneaker, after all.

After The Wall Street Journal reported last month that the new LeBron signature shoe would retail for $315, the cost of the shoes became a hot debate among the media and general public.

As it turns out, the shoe, a version of the LeBron X, will be sold in a pack for $270, Nike spokesman Brian Strong confirmed to ESPN.com on Thursday.

Nike had previously said that, at the time of the report, a price had not yet been set.

Sources say the majority of the LeBron X shoes that will hit the market on Sept. 29 will retail for $180. But the Nike+ enabled version of the shoe, which allows for technology to be embedded in the mid-sole of the shoe, will be sold with the sensors, the adapter and charger -- together called the Sport Kit -- for $270.

Should consumers already own the kit, the Nike+ enabled LeBron X also will be sold separately for $200.

The Nike+ version allows the athlete to measure various metrics, including vertical leap, and sync it with the Nike+ basketball app.

Between its Nike, Jordan and Converse Brands, Nike owns roughly 95 percent of the United States' basketball shoe market.