Jarrett Jack says he's been warned

The effects of the NBA's new anti-flopping program are being felt by players even before the program has been fully implemented.

Golden State Warriors guard Jarrett Jack indicated that he was among the first NBA players to receive a warning from the league for flopping, tweeting Tuesday, "So I've been warned for flopping hahaha."

Jack has made anti-flopping comments in the past, including a tweet during last year's playoffs in which he implored referees to stop falling for the flops of Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin.

To cut down on what commissioner David Stern has called "trickery" and "deceit" by players embellishing and simulating fouls, the NBA announced a new anti-flopping program before the preseason. The program has two components: exhaustive postgame video review by the league office in New York, and then a series of escalating punishments for players who have been found to have flopped. The first offense calls for a warning, followed by fines that begin at $5,000 for a second flop up to $30,000 for a fifth flop.

A sixth flop and beyond are punishable as the league sees fit, likely with suspensions and fines.

The National Basketball Players Association calls the punishments excessive and has mounted an effort to reverse them.

League sources indicate the punishments are on hold, however, until the opening of the regular season. Players won't be fined in the preseason, nor will warnings now count toward regular-season punishments. Instead, the league is using the preseason to make players like Jack and others aware, without penalty, of the kinds of plays that can be expected to draw warnings and fines once the regular season tips off Oct. 30.