Forecast: '13-14 Most Valuable Player

How long will the reign last?

LeBron James has won the past two MVP awards and four in the past five years -- six, even, if you count those two NBA Finals MVP trophies he's picked up the past two Junes. And with James, 28, still in his prime, there seems to be little in his way from another Podoloff, one that would tie him with Michael Jordan and Bill Russell, and put him one away from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's record six.

Or is there?

With a host of other stars rising, particularly in the West, we asked our ESPN Forecast panel to turn in their early MVP ballots for the 2013-14 season. Like with our other individual Summer Forecast awards, a first-place vote receives five points, a second-place vote receives three and a third-place vote receives one.

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Forecast: 2013-14 Most Valuable Player