Uni Watch: Grading new Xmas garb

By now you've probably seen the NBA's new Christmas Day uniforms. They're unusual, what with the team logos on the chest and the uniform numbers on the left sleeve. But how do they stack up aesthetically?

It's hard to assess these jerseys without confronting a few inescapable realities, the most obvious of which is that the NBA and adidas only came up with these designs as a way of creating a new product line to sell. They look like something between glorified T-shirts and rec. league soccer jerseys.

That said, some of them are better than others. Let's take a look:


BIG Logo_Derrick Rose.jpg

Fun fact: This is the only primary logo the Bulls have ever had. It's starting to feel a bit dated, plus it always feels like it belongs on the menu of a middlebrow steakhouse. But the real problem here is that it's too big. Would've looked much better if they'd made it about a third smaller.

Grade: B-minus


BIG Logo_Jersey_Clippers

One of the league's weakest logos, because it looks too much like the Lakers' logo. Looks better when rendered in silver, though, and the red trim on the collar is a small detail that adds a surprising amount of punch.

Grade: B


BIG Logo_Jersey_HEAT

The Heat's logo is shaping up as a modern classic. It makes this jersey the cream of the Christmas Day crop.

Grade: A


BIG Logo_Iman Shumpert

Way too busy. For starters, get rid of the triangle in the background. Could've lived without the "New York" above the team name, too

Grade: B-minus


BIG Logo_Jersey_Lakers

This is the only white jersey in the batch. And wait a minute -- didn't we see that logo already on the Clippers' jersey?

Grade: B


BIG Logo_Jersey_Nets

There are lots of good things about the Nets' current visual program. But the "B" logo, which looks like an Old Navy knockoff, is not among them.

Grade: C-plus


BIG Logo_Dwight Howard

The Rockets' logo is supposed to look like a rocket taking off. But it actually just looks like dripping paint.

Grade: B-minus


BIG Logo_Jersey_Spurs

Looks way too much like their alternate jersey. Should've used the primary logo instead, if only for variety's sake. Also: Silver on gray doesn't look so good.

Grade: C


BIG Logo_Jersey_Thunder

Taking orange out of the Thunder's color scheme robs the team of all its character, its pizzazz. Disappointing.

Grade: C-plus


BIG Logo_Harrison Barnes

The Warriors, with their circular logos, are tailor-made for this jersey program. But much like the Bulls, they've made their chest logo too big.

Grade: B-plus

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