Thunder teammates take shot at Andre Roberson for poor tip ordeal

Even Andre Roberson's Oklahoma City Thunder teammates won't let him change the subject from his significantly low tip Thursday.

Roberson was called out by a waiter for tipping only $13.97 on a $487.13 bill. This came out the same day league sources told ESPN that Roberson had agreed to a three-year, $30 million contract to stay with the Thunder.

Roberson wasted little time in replying to the tweet to defend himself.

Likely looking to steer the social conversation away from the whole ordeal, Roberson reached out to teammates Enes Kanter and Steven Adams for an assist. Instead, he was rejected ruthlessly by Adams.

At least neither of them took a shot at Roberson's math skills: $487.13 plus $13.97 is $501.10, not the $500 even that the 25-year-old put as the total on the receipt he signed.