FBI investigating threats against Hurlbert

DENVER -- The FBI is investigating threats against the
district attorney prosecuting Kobe Bryant, The Denver Post reported
Saturday on its Web site.

Krista Flannigan, spokeswoman for District Attorney Mark
Hurlbert, confirmed on Saturday that the threats were being
investigated. The FBI did not return a call asking for comment
Saturday morning.

"I wouldn't say threats (against the prosecutor) are common but
it has happened in the past,'' Flannigan said.

Flannigan wouldn't comment on whether any threats had been made
against the 19-year-old woman who alleges Bryant sexually assaulted
her in Eagle County.

Nor would she say what precautions if any Hurlbert has taken.
Visitors entering the office now must show identification and the
door is locked, The Post said.

"It has been difficult for people to get their regular work
done and accommodate the media, although I think they have a done a
remarkable job,'' Flannigan said in a telephone interview.