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Tuesday, February 27, 2001
ESPN Gamecast

Note: If you are connected to the Internet via a proxy server and you use Netscape Navigator 3.0 or an earlier version, Gamecast may not run. You can get around this problem by upgrading to the latest verion of Netscape Navigator or by switching to Internet Explorer, or by asking your network manager to "open port 80" in your firewall server.

Welcome to ESPN GameCast, the best way to follow your favorite basketball team on the web. You get up-to-the-minute shot charts, instantly refreshed statistics, and notification when key game events occur.

To access ESPN NBA GameCast, click the GameCast link found in any live or archived box score on the NBA Scoreboard.

ESPN NBA GameCast gives you:

  • Shot charts tracking all players' shots
  • Detailed live play-by-play
  • Hustle board for comparing team stats
  • Individual statistics in-game
  • Live box score for in-depth statistics
  • Scoring log, tracking every point scored
  • Personalized notification messages when key events occur

    Line score The period in-progress is highlighted. Click on any past period to see the scoring summary from that period.
    Shot Chart Below the line score are the shot charts. The default is the current period; you can look at past periods by selecting the appropriate tabs. Even better, you can "mouse over" each shot to see details.
    Hustle Board Below the shot charts are up-to-the-minute team statistic totals for the game. Compare which team is out-hustling the other with this quick look at key team statistics.
    Latest Scoring Play Get an instant peek at what's going on right now in the game. You'll see who scored on the last play, how they scored and the assisting player.
    Lineups Lineups show you who is on the court and their stat totals for the game. Check the box next to a player's name to see his individual shot chart.
    Play-by-play Live play-by-play comes to your desktop via a direct feed from the venue.
    Live box score Complete and in-depth player and team statistics are compiled up-to-the-minute.
    Scoring log Every scoring event is detailed, sorted by team, and in chronological order.
    Notification A new feature special to NBA GameCast: You set the events you want to be notified of and GameCast will monitor the action, so you can keep track of the game while you work on other applications on your computer.
    About Installation
    For Internet Explorer 4.0 and above users:

    The Gamecast applet installs itself on your hard drive so that it loads faster each subsequent time that you use it. Gamecast uses approximately 148 Kilobytes of hard-drive space. When your first go to the Gamecast page, you will be presented with a dialog box that asks you if you want to install it. Press yes. If updates are made to the applet in the future, you will be presented with another dialog box that will ask you if you want to update Gamecast. To remove the Gamecast installation, go to the internet options menu on IE and press the temporary internet files "settings" button. Click on the "View Object" button, right click on the "Gamecast" icon and select "remove".

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