Dwyane Wade questionable for ASG

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Dwyane Wade experienced numbness in his left foot because of an aggravated nerve, causing him to miss the Miami Heat's last-second victory Wednesday over the Golden State Warriors.

It also puts his status for Sunday's All-Star Game in doubt.

Wade said the condition is called "drop foot" and he plans to see the Heat's team doctor after he takes a red-eye flight to New Orleans for All-Star Weekend.

"I was out for warm-ups and my foot got a little numb ... as time when on it started going up my leg a bit," Wade said. "The nerve on my leg shut down; weirdest thing ever. I was out there moving around and warming up, I couldn't feel my foot so I didn't want to jump on it."

Wade said he Googled the condition after getting the diagnosis. He said the symptoms improved as he was in the locker room during the Heat's 111-110 victory and he'll have to wait and see on taking part in Sunday's All-Star Game.

"The nerve was aggravated and shut down. I want this to calm down a little bit and get back to feeling regular," Wade said. "I'm not optimistic, I'm not pessimistic [for the All-Star Game], I just want it to get better."

Wade missed the Heat's victory on Tuesday against the Phoenix Suns with a migraine headache.