Ray Allen considering retirement

SAN ANTONIO -- Ray Allen hopes to decide in the next few days if he wants to continue his career or retire after 18 seasons.

His contract with the Miami Heat ended when the San Antonio Spurs beat them 104-87 in Game 5 of the Finals on Sunday night.

"I've had a great career, I'm content with what I've done," Allen said. "It's hard to think past this moment. In the next couple of days I'll think about it and see where my true heart lies."

Allen's numbers were off a little during the regular season and he experienced a slump in the middle of the year that was one of the most protracted of his career. After playing reasonably well over the first four games of the Finals (averaging 10 points and shooting nearly 50 percent from the field), Allen was just 1-of-8 in Game 5 as he moved into the starting lineup.

Allen remains healthy; he played 79 games in the regular season and all 20 postseason games.

"One thing is for certain, to [make retirement decision] on my terms is the most important thing," Allen said. "Whether that is me retiring, staying here or going somewhere else it will be on my terms. I've made it to this point and I felt great that I have the choice to make it for myself."

There will be no suspense for Heat forward Shane Battier. He made his retirement official Sunday night.

"I've given everything I can to the game and I don't have any more to give," Battier said. "And I'm OK with it."

Battier played 13 seasons with the Heat, Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets and won two titles with the Heat.