LeBron James returns to chalk toss

PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas -- After more than a two-year hiatus, LeBron James has decided to bring back his pregame chalk toss this season.

James is on the cover of a recently unveiled video game and it features the toss, which served as the announcement that it was coming back. He tweeted a link to a Nike commercial from 2008 that featured the routine.

A pregame staple for years, James abruptly stopped the practice during the 2011 playoffs and hasn't gone back to it. He said it was one of the things fans commonly asked about when they saw him or through social media, so he decided over the summer to revive it.

"It's just me," James said after the Miami Heat's practice Wednesday at the Atlantis Resort. "I love my fans and they wanted it back. They wanted me to do it, so it's back."