Crown Casino 'racially profiled' Ben Simmons

NBA star Ben Simmons, in Australia for a series of promotional appearances and basketball clinics, has accused Crown Casino of racial profiling after he was denied entry to the Melbourne premises.

Simmons posted a video on Instagram, which has since been removed, in which he made the claims.

"I find it so crazy that the only guy who doesn't get checked to go into the casino is this guy," Simmons said, before filming his Caucasian friend.

"I get checked, Mike gets checked and Tys gets checked. Thank you Crown Casino, damn, and they didn't let me in, or him or this guy. Wow, we got a long way to go."

Crown Casino has strenuously denied the claims, with suggestions Simmons and his friends failed to supply ID when requested to do so by security. It was also noted that the camouflage pants Simmons was wearing at the time were against the casino's dress regulations.