RJ Hampton ejected early in NBL tussle

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The NBL has unveiled the City uniforms teams will be putting on show this season. (0:25)

MELBOURNE, Australia - Top NBA draft prospect RJ Hampton has been ejected in the first quarter of an NBL match against the South East Melbourne Phoenix.

The 18-year-old was upset after being called for a foul for running into a screen that sent Phoenix guard Ben Madgen crashing to the floor despite what appeared to be minimal contact, just four minutes into the match. Hampton took exception to a push from opposing guard John Roberson that sent him crashing to the floor in tangle of legs.

The young star retaliated by attempting to put his arm around Roberson's neck before he was quickly dragged away from the scrum by teammates.

Hampton was tossed following a video review, receiving a common foul for the initial contact, a technical foul for stepping over an opponent and an unsportsmanlike foul for his contact with John Roberson, who was also handed an unsportsmanlike foul for his push on Hampton.

Speaking post game, Hampton took no backwards steps.

"Roberson came and pushed me, kind of gave me the same thing Magden did and then he said something to me which I didn't like so I went for him and that was the end of that."

"I don't really regret it. I regret it for my team because I let my team down, I should have been in the game but as far the way I handled myself, I'm not going to let nobody disrespect me," Hampton said.

Hampton finished the night with zero points on two shots and one assist.