NBL to introduce Replay Centre

The NBL is introducing a Replay Centre which will be used for the first time during Friday night's clash between Illawarra and Perth at the WIN Entertainment Centre.

On Friday morning, the league announced a fifth referee would be based at the NBL Replay Centre to assist the on-court referees with making non-judgement calls such as score reviews and provide multiple camera angles to assist them for reviews of judgement calls such as fouls.

The Replay Centre is set to closely mirror the NBA's Replay Centre and use the same communication protocols and decision-making processes. It will be phased in for selected games and is expected to become fully operational for the finals.

"This is something we have been considering for some time and have spent time looking closely at the NBA's Replay Centre as we set about building our own," NBL commissioner Jeremy Loeliger said.

"We are continually looking at ways to improve the product and minimise in-game delays and the introduction of the NBL Replay Centre will help achieve this.

"Non-judgement decisions, such as checking the shot or game clock and reviewing a two or three-pointer, will be made at the Replay Centre to help expedite the review process.

"The referees play a vitally important role in our game and the improved technology ... will assist them in making decisions on game day. The NBL Replay Centre will also allow for greater transparency for fans about decisions made during a game."

Friday night's Hawks-Wildcats game tips off at 7:30pm (AEDT) and will be broadcast live on ESPN and SBS On Demand.