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There are nine double-digit seeds still alive -- equaling the 1998 tourney for the most since expanding to 64 teams in '85. A year ago, just three teams seeded 10th or higher won first-round games.

Found guilty of first-round failure
A team should be judged by its full body of work. The postseason, however, is crucial to an overall review. The NCAA Tournament ends up being the final judgment of a season. That's why Tennessee, Wake Forest and Virginia will be scrutinized after Friday's early exits. More ...

Hand's Down ... And Out
Virgina's Donald Hand sits in disbelief after losing to Gonzaga.

Question of the Day
Which of Saturday's second-round games intrigues you the most?'s Andy Katz
Suddenly, the best game of the day looks like BC-USC. The Trojans actually played up to their potential in roasting Oklahoma State and have more athletes than BC has faced in the Big East. Sam Clancy is a load inside and USC is looking like a team that could do some damage in this tournament. The Trojans are a threat to cause problems in this bracket. The Eagles can't afford to rely totally on Troy Bell. The Trojans could fluster Bell by running three different athletes at him. That's where Xavier Singletary and Ryan Sidney need to help. Sidney was 1 of 9 against Southern Utah and that has to change. Singletary was 2 of 8 on 3s against the Thunderbirds. This could be one of the most evenly matched second-round games.

ESPN's Dick Vitale
I'm looking forward to the Maryland-Georgia State matchup. It's a big-time sentimental situation with the "Lefthander", who coached at Maryland for 17 years, bringing Georgia State back to face his old team. He took one of the losingest programs in college basketball and will lead them against one of the proudest. Maryland's basketball budget could probably run the entire school at Georgia St. Unfortunately, I think Maryland's depth will prove too tough for the Panthers. I'm also interested in Duke/Missouri where the pupil will face the mentor. Coach K will face one of his guys, Quin Snyder, who is doing an outstanding job on the sidelines at Missouri. The Tigers won't be intimidated by the Duke jersey. They will scrap and claw, but they bring talent to the table as well with Kareem Rush and Clarence Gilbert. Missouri played a quality schedule all year and will come to play, but Duke will have too much.

ESPN's Jay Bilas
Stanford vs. St. Joe's is going to be the most entertaining game Saturday -- maybe the entire tournament. There are not two other teams that are as good and as under-appreciated as these two. St. Joe's doesn't get the due it deserves. They have veteran players capable of making plays. The Hawks have the talent to play with just about anyone. And Stanford, even though they spent a good chunk of the year at No. 1, is not taken as seriously as they should -- as far as being a real national championship favorite. This will be a fun game between two teams that will play at a very high level.

Friday's Storylines
PLAYER OF DAY..............................
Kelyn Block. While 4 out of 5 dentists don't recommend playing basketball after losing three teeth, the Indiana State junior guard scored five of his 17 points after having his teeth knocked out at the end of regulation. Block was schedule for an emergency root cannel Friday night, but planned to be in uniform and on the court when the Sycamores play Gonzaga on Sunday.
RANDOM THOUGHT...............................
While upsets once again sent teams from power conferences home, the Big Ten saved a little face on Friday. After three of its four brethren were upset Thursday, top-seeded Illinois and Michigan State, along with No. 7 Penn State, all looked impressive in first-round wins. Kansas, however, was the only Big 12 team to join Missouri on the weekend after Texas and Oklahoma joined Iowa State and Oklahoma State as first-round losers.
STOCK RISING.....................................
Jerry Tarkanian. Hard to believe, but "The Shark" hadn't won an NCAA game since 1991 when UNLV beat Seton Hall in the West Region final. Winning another one won't take 10 seasons, but may take 365 days or so. Up next for the Bulldogs is No. 1 Michigan State in the South.
STOCK FALLING..................................
ACC. The nation's "best" conference is back down to three teams in the NCAA Tournament. The same three teams that made the tourney last year. The others? We'll let you decide if they belonged back in the tourney this season.
HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU................
For those of you who saw Gonzaga's Dan Dickau for the first time, tell us he couldn't have done the action scenes for Robbie Benson in "One on One." And now that Virginia is out, Pete Guillen can go back hosting the Late Show.
USER MESSAGE OF THE DAY..................
How can anybody seed the Zags 12th after the last couple of seasons? Those people who call Gonzaga a Cinderella team are morons. Who cares if east coast fans don't know about Gonzaga ... the loyal fans who support them do.
-- shizba

If you didn't take Gonzaga, shame on you! And if Butler's victory came as a surprise, you must not have watched last year's tourney. No, the real shocker Friday was pulled off by the No. 13 Sycamores in the South Region. Indiana State came in on a roll, yes. But we bet Creighton was written into the second round on more of your brackets. MVC teams are now 6-7 in the past 10 tournaments, so maybe flipping a coin would have been just as effective.

Bracket fever has hit ESPN! We have our own Tournament Challenge group, and you can check it out. Check out the featured group Bristol University's Best to see our predictions. A wild Round 1 saw SportsCenter anchors Jim Frazier and Dave Revsine lead the way with 25 of 32 correct picks. Digger Phelphs tabbed 23 winners, while Jay Bilas is ready to tear up his sheet after just 20 wins.

"I think we were a little nervous because of all the upsets. I've heard a lot of people say, 'You should look at all of Thursday's games and your guys should be ready for Friday. Teams like Alabama State saw upsets can happen and that gets them more ready."

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo on his defending champion's slow start to a 69-35 victory.


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Full-Court Press: Thursday, March 15

 Matt Renn says Indiana State wasn't going to give in to Oklahoma.
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 Pete Gillen says he wanted the ball in the hands of Roger Mason.
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 Indiana St. coach Royce Waltman talks about advancing in the NCAA Tournament.
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 Casey Calvary says Virigina's Roger Mason had the hot hand all game.
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 Fafael Vidaurreta and the Deacons weren't expecting to go home this early. (courtesy NCAA)
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 Lynn Greer breaks down Temple's zone defense.
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 Florida's Udonis Haslem recounts what Billy Donovan told the team when the Hilltoppers jumped to a 17-6 lead.
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 Gyasi Cline-Heard hopes Penn State will start to get the respect they deserve. (courtesy NCAA)
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 Loren Woods says if the Wildcats didn't play as a team, their season would have ended quickly.
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 Illinois guard Cory Bradford says Northwestern State played with a lot of poise.
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 John Chaney comments on his team's shooting percentage against Texas.
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 Illinois coach Bill Self recaps his team's first-round win over Northwestern State.
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 Billy Donovan on how his players remain composed on the court.
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 Rod Barnes' Ole Miss team knows how to make the big plays. (courtesy NCAA)
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