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 Monday, October 9
Gaines guilty of unlawful blood alcohol level
 Associated Press

TAYLOR, Mich. -- Former University of Michigan basketball player Kevin Gaines pleaded guilty Monday to having an unlawful blood alcohol level under a plea agreement that also involved two current players.

Michigan players Avery Queen and Bernard Robinson Jr., both 19, pleaded guilty Monday to being minors possessing alcohol. The three players were in court for a hearing on charges stemming from their Sept. 4 arrest.

Police said the three had stopped their car and, despite traffic, started wrestling outside the car.

A breath test showed Gaines, the driver, had a .17 percent blood-alcohol level, according to police reports. By Michigan law, anything .10 or higher is considered drunken driving.

Queen and Robinson pleaded guilty Monday to a charge of minor in possession of alcohol and agreed to pay $150 in fines, said the players' attorney, Nicholas Roumel.

The judge said if they pay their fines and don't get any new charges for 12 months, the city attorney's office will dismiss the charges, Roumel said.

Gaines, 19, pleaded guilty to unlawful blood alcohol level. Charges of minor in possession, disorderly intoxication and operating a motor vehicle under the influence were dismissed, Roumel said.

He also said the judge told Gaines he would probably pay $775 in fines, costs and fees when sentenced. A date was not set.

Gaines was dismissed from the Michigan team. At the time, basketball coach Brian Ellerbe said the dismissal was the result of numerous violations of team rules.

Gaines, a guard, led the team in assists and steals last year, his freshman season. He was allowed to keep his scholarship and is attending classes at the university, Roumel said.