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Friday, February 1
Majerus apology letter


Editor's Note: Here is the letter sent by Rick Majerus, apologizing to associate director of the National Association of Basketball Coaches Reggie Minton.

Dear Reggie,

Color me red! I want to take this opportunity to apologize and I assume complete accountability and ask to beg your pardon, relative to my irresponsible voting in the USA Today/ESPN coaches poll.

I listened carefully to your admonishment that as coaches we take this charge seriously. I have had several personal issues that have conflicted my life, not the least of which is the responsibility I have had for managing my mother's health care and cancer treatment from a distance.

I regrettably abdicated my responsibilities and assigned my assistant coach to handle the vote. I was wrong in doing this. I offer a heartfelt apology and I mean no disrespect to the coaches, ESPN or USA Today.

I am sorry that my irresponsibility has caused this embarrassment to you, the NABC and most of all saddened that this has drawn negative attention to a great coach, John Chaney. He has had an illustrious career and represents the very best that the profession has to offer.

The assistant coach meant no disrespect. He knows how much I genuinely admire and respect John Chaney. Coach Chaney's former assistant Jim Maloney was one of my best friends. I loved Jim and, of course, I think the world of John. Our team never concludes a huddle, film session or team meeting without uttering the words, "Team Together", which I stole from John Chaney.

I believe my assistant coach felt that since I respect Coach Chaney so much that he should vote for him in the poll. I should have assumed responsibility for this and I did not -- therefore, the big snafu. I hope that I have been able to convey to you the fact that I am repentant and contrite. I understand that I have now been removed from the voting process and the board. I would have done the exact same thing if I were in your same situation.

I hope you can forgive me for this egregious transgression and that it does not bring further embarrassment upon anyone other than myself. I am totally embarrassed. Especially in light of the fact that Reggie, you took so much time to belabor the point that we take this seriously. So, thank you for any and all consideration that you might want to give my heartfelt apology.


Rick Majerus
Head Basketball Coach

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