Two proposals on table for debate
Friday, Jan. 7: The NCAA convention begins in Dallas this weekend and the most pressing issue for college basketball is the length of the season. The membership is expected to vote on proposals that would affect the certified events. One proposal is for 29 regular-season games, plus a conference tournament. This legislation would mean that each game of an exempt tournament would count. Presently three games in Maui counts as one against the maximum number of games. The problem with this legislation is that a lawsuit with the NIT (there is one already in court) could occur again. The Preseason NIT couldn't exist since a team wouldn't know if it were playing one or four games in that event. The best proposal comes from the Northeast Conference. This proposal calls for 27 games, plus a conference tournament (which counts as one game), plus an exempt tournament every year. A team couldn't play in the same event more than once in four years and only one team from each conference could play in the events. This allows more opportunities for teams to play in certified events. The vote will come up again in April at management council meeting.