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Thursday, October 12
Respect? Some team have it, others don't

Lee Corso and the rest of the Gameday crew can't get to every campus this season, so ESPN.com has given fans another option: It's called "Lee-mail." Lee has an opinion on just about anything related to college football. So, go ahead and ask him a question. He'll give his thoughts on the subject.

Here are this week's questions Corso picked to answer before he found his way to Miami.:

Do you think Western Michigan deserves to be a top 25 team?
Chad Milliman, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Yes, they should be No. 25. I've been very impressed with them. They are extremely well coached and they play hard. They dominated a good Marshall team.

Has John Hoke fixed the defensive problems at Florida, and are the mighty Gators back?
Bryan, Orlando, Fla. Not quite so fast, my friend. The mighty Gators are not back yet. John Hoke's situation is still tenuous. They still have Georgia and Florida State, if they stop those guys, then we'll discuss if the Gators are fully back.

Shouldn't Bill Snyder of K-State be coach of the year after he has transformed the Wildcats into national contenders?
Allan Davis, Royal Oak, Mich.

Snyder certainly deserves to be a candidate, but there are a lot of other guys right there with him. Randy Walker of Northwestern, Lou Holtz of South Carolina, Dennis Franchione of TCU and Butch Davis in Miami are all good candidates for coach of the year.

What do you think of Oklahoma after its blowout of Texas last weekend? Are they contenders for the Big 12 championship?
Jamie Nelson, Midwest City, Okla.

I was amazed. Shocked and amazed at the Sooners' offensive execution and defensive domination. That was a wonderful performance; congratulations to Bobby Stoops. Great effort. They are contenders for the Big 12 championship. They have a tough game this week at Kansas State, but they have a good chance to beat Nebraska in Norman.

How come no one on the national level wants to talk about Josh Heupel?
Shawn James, Alva, Okla.

If they keep winning, people will start talking about him. No one is talking about Heupel's opponent this weekend, Jonathan Beasley, either. It's just publicity. Don't worry about it. The best player will come out in the end.

Being an Ohio State graduate like your sidekick Kirk Herbstreit, how come you are always down on the Buckeyes?
Bob Laughhunn, Kettering, Ohio

You should check your facts. At the beginning of the season, I picked Ohio State as my surprise team of the Big Ten.

If a "Buckeye nut" mysteriously landed on the windshield of your car and crack the glass would you be ready to jump on the bandwagon?
Phil Harrison, Columbus, Ohio

If that happened, I'd pull out my Michigan maize and blue helmet.

How long will it take Antwaan Randle-El to reach his full potential an not make stupid errors that not only cost Indiana the game, but cost them a chance at a bowl birth?
Hudson Rowland, Fort Wayne, Ind.

He's one of the most talented athletes Indiana has ever had at quarterback. He's a great player. No one should ever criticize that kid for the mistakes he makes, because 90-percent of the mistakes he makes are aggressive mistakes. He's trying to win the game.

What are your thoughts on FSU's kicking woes? Do you think their national title hopes are dashed or can they still make a comeback in the BCS standings?
Kyle Cormney, Richmond, Ky.

They have a chance to come back like they did in '93. They'll have to win the remainder of their games, including contests against a highly-ranked Clemson team and a highly-ranked Florida team. And they'll have to get some help, some other undefeated teams will have to lose, but they're not out of it yet. They have more problems than just their kicking game.

With its three undefeated teams, shouldn't the Big 12 be considered the best conference in college football?
Eddie Chen, Edmond, Okla.

The best way to study a conference is after the bowl games. After the best play the best, you can tell who's on top. I still think the SEC, the southern teams, are playing the best football right now.

Do the Dawgs have a chance at a national championship if they run the table in the SEC?
Brandon Seagroves, Athens, Ga.

If they run the table, they've got a chance. But like Florida State, they'd have to have some help. Somebody has to beat Nebraska, Virginia Tech and Ohio State.

Why, in your opinion, did Alabama fall so quickly?
Phillip Saviak Jr, Mobile, Ala.

Lack of leadership. I've said this before and I'll say it again, Shaun Alexander and Chris Samuels were great football players, but they were better leaders.

With the way things are going in the SEC, what are the Razorbacks' chances of winning the SEC West? Do they have a better chance if Cobbs is in the game?
MAC, Cherry Point, N.C.

They've got a good chance. With Cobbs in the game they can beat almost anybody; without him, it could be tough. My preseason pick to win the West was Mississippi State, and I still think they have the best team in the West. The Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving could determine who wins the West.

How well will Michael Vick fare in the NFL? Will he suffer the same fate as former Mountaineer Major Harris, who played great at WVU but failed miserably in the NFL?
Bill Leftwich, Orlando, Fla.

The game of football has changed since Major Harris played. There are more wide-open offenses now; if Harris were to come out of college this year and play this style of football, he'd probably be a great pro QB. Michael Vick is a super player. The only question about him will be if he can throw the ball straight enough, often enough, to be a great NFL quarterback. He can certainly can run with it and do a lot of great things. I'm just not sure he's enough of a pure passer to succeed in the NFL. Time will tell.

Do you think Virginia Tech has enough defense to beat Miami?
Nathan McGlothlin, Charlottesville, Va.

After seeing what Miami did against Florida State, I'm not so sure anybody can stop the Canes. I still think Virginia Tech can score on them. Virginia Tech-Miami will be a high-scoring game, and the kickers will be the difference.

What does Tennessee need to do to start winning games?
Brian Bolton, Fort Worth, Texas

It's not going to be a good year for Tennessee. They lost too many players, and they have an inexperienced quarterback. They aren't going to have a good year, but they could be the team of the future ... keep an eye on them in a couple of years.

With all the shuffling going on, who do you think will emerge from the Big Ten?
Brian Song, Tallahassee, Fla.

Ohio State. I liked them as a surprise team at the beginning of the year, but I never expected them to look this good. I picked Michigan over the Buckeyes for the Big Ten title because I questioned Steve Bellisari's ability to lead his team. I was wrong; he's done a great job.

What are the chances you could take a break from GameDay and tailgate with us for a little while this Saturday? We're having the first KStateFans.com tailgate party, and having you there would certainly bolster attendance!
Chad Brothers, Manhattan, Kan.

Thank you for the nice offer, but I must decline. If I went to yours, I'd have to go to 400 of them!

Why can't the Carolina Gamecocks get any respect?
Michael Jakson, Columbia, S.C.

What do you mean? They're a ranked team! They are No. 23 in the country; that's respect!

What do you think of LSU head coach Nick Saban?
Tigerfan, Vidalia, La.

Coach Saban is a terrific coach. He did a great job at Michigan State and he'll continue to do a good job at LSU. The question is how long will the folks in Baton Rouge continue to support a Midwestern coach in the deep south.

How can you pick Nebraska as your favorite GameDay location over Morgantown? Didn't the lightning scare you enough?
Randy Gilliland, Hampton, Va.

I'll be at Virginia Tech Thursday night. And they're calling for clear skies, thank goodness.

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