If I Know Geno. . .

A moment of silence, please, to mourn for Geno now that his baby, Kevin Jones, has decided to go the NFL next season. I haven't seen Geno this disconsolate since he lost his keychain that plays "Rocky Top." But even Mr. Hokie has the good sense to vote for Jason White. My only question is whether Geno has written White's name on the Heisman ballot in ink or pencil. I'm suspecting pencil, because he would love to spring a Matt Leinart vote on all of us to prove he is ahead of the curve. Either that, or he's angling for one more trip to L.A. to escape that cold Midwestern winter.

  • Geno's real picks: Oklahoma QB Jason White, Pittsburgh WR Larry Fitzgerald, USC QB Matt Leinart, Michigan RB Chris Perry, Ole Miss QB Eli Manning.

    If I Know Ivan. . .

    Ivan is a man of conviction, so he'll stick with Ole Miss's Eli Manning on his short list. Hard to mount much of an argument about the pick.

    Other ballot nominees will include Pitt's Larry Fitzgerald, Michigan's Chris Perry, and -- after he sees him play in person this Saturday -- USC's Matt Leinart.

    But his top choice will be Oklahoma's Jason White.

  • Ivan's real picks: Oklahoma QB Jason White, Ole Miss QB Eli Manning, Pittsburgh WR Larry Fitzgerald, Michigan RB Chris Perry, NC State QB Philip Rivers.