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 Tuesday, January 25
Janikowski enters plea of innocent
Associated Press

 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Sebastian Janikowski, the kicker who helped Florida State win the national title, could be deported if convicted of trying to bribe police to get a friend released.

Janikowski's lawyer entered an innocent plea Monday for the Polish-born kicker, who came to Florida at 15 to live with his father.

Janikowski, 21, was taken into custody early Sunday after allegedly offering an officer $300 to release his roommate, who had been arrested after a dispute with a bouncer who wouldn't let him in a nightclub.

A resident alien who committed a felony would be looked at closely by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, INS spokeswoman Lynn Durko said. Whether a resident alien convicted of a felony is deported is decided on a case-by-case basis.

"Talking hypotheticals, if he's convicted and it's a felony, he would be placed into removal proceedings and it would be up to the immigration judge as to whether someone is removable," Durko said.

Bribery is a third-degree felony, but it is up to the state attorney's office to officially charge Janikowski, and he can be charged with greater or lesser offenses.

The two-time All American, who has left school for the NFL draft, kicked 50 field goals the past two seasons, and many of his kickoffs flew through the end zone. He is the only current player on a recently selected college team of the century.

Janikowski's lawyer, Stephen Dobson, was out of the country and couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday.

Janikowski, who plans to work out for NFL scouts next month, has been projected as high as a late first-round draft pick, unusually high for a kicker.


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