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Tuesday, March 4
Updated: March 5, 9:35 PM ET
Former FSU quarterback charged with gambling

Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Former Florida State quarterback Adrian McPherson was charged with one misdemeanor count of gambling, including on games in which he played.

McPherson, who started four games for Florida State last season, placed bets over the Internet on college and pro games during the 2002 football season, the school said Tuesday.

He bet on every Seminoles' game last season, always wagering that they would win, according to Florida State police chief Carey Drayton. Sources told investigators McPherson bet large amounts and owed a Tallahassee man, identified as Dereck Delach, a total of $8,000, police said.

Delach and Florida State football team equipment manager Jeffrey Inderhees were charged Tuesday with one felony count of bookmaking.

McPherson was kicked off Florida State's team in November, after police said he was connected to the theft of a blank check later cashed for $3,500.

McPherson, who has denied the check-related charge, told Sports Illustrated that he did not bet on college football.

"I never bet on any games," McPherson said in comments posted on the magazine's Web site. "I'm charged, but they're just going off what they think, I guess. This is something we'll have to decide in court.

"I didn't do it, so I want them to show me where I've been betting. I never even knew this guy, Dereck. So show me who I bet with, whoever he is."

McPherson's lawyer, Grady Irvin Jr., did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden was pleased with the outcome of the investigation.

"I think the FSU police and investigative team did a thorough job with the investigation," Bowden said in a statement to print reporters. "Our players are told over and over what they can and can't do and gambling is a subject that is highly stressed.

"I feel badly for Adrian McPherson and family. I just can't imagine what was going through his mind. I'm obviously glad no other players were involved."

Inderhees was in Tallahassee on Tuesday and was expected to surrender to Tallahassee police, Drayton said. Delach was in Pennsylvania, according to authorities.

The charges result from a three-month investigation by the university, Tallahassee police and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Drayton said Inderhees told investigators that he and McPherson placed bets on collegiate and professional basketball games as early as January 2002.

Several other sources told investigators they were present when McPherson placed bets, and Inderhees was often the contact with Delach, who then placed bets on the Internet for McPherson.

Delach had eight or nine regular customers, according to the police report. His laptop was seized Dec. 11, 2002, and its contents included gambling-related data, Drayton said.

Bob Minnix, Florida State's associate athletics director for compliance, said the school does not expect to receive any NCAA sanctions because of McPherson's alleged behavior.

"We anticipate it will not affect Florida State in any way," Minnix said.

Bill Saum, the NCAA's Director of Agent, Gambling and Amateurism Activities, said the NCAA has been working with Florida State officials for many months regarding the gambling allegations and have found no wrongdoing on the school's part.

"Florida State is not at risk in this situation, unless someone knew this was taking place," Saum said. "To date, there's no evidence there that anyone did know or should have known this was going on."

The charges came one day after McPherson, who is living in Bradenton, was in a car wreck near Apollo Beach. He was not injured.

McPherson, 19, was wearing his seat belt and was not ejected from the vehicle, which blew a tire and flipped several times. He was evaluated at the hospital and released.

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