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Wednesday, August 30
Updated: August 31, 1:47 PM ET
A sign from above tells me to pick the Hokies

By Lee Corso
Special to ESPN.com

During the ESPN telecast of GameNight from the Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech game Saturday in Blacksburg, I picked Florida State and Kansas State in the national championship game. Within two minutes, a tremendous flash of light shot through the thunderclouds and touched down about 300 yards from where our set was. We saw the light and heard the crack, but didn't know yet it was a sign.

When we got inside, a gentleman said, "Man, did you see that lightning bolt?!" and I said, "Yeah, it was right by us!"

"It hit a car," he said.

"Really, what color?"



"Over by the fence."

My wheels began turning -- my rental car is red and I parked over by the fence. Nah, it couldn't be. But then I remembered the roar of boos I received from the crowd of 58,000 hostile Hokie fans when I picked Kansas State to play for the national championship.

Still....no way! So I get out to the car, start her up and it smells like it's burning. I look at the dashboard and it's like Christmas with all the lights. Every single light on the front panel was on.

Check oil! Check engine! Battery dead! Fasten seatbelts! Don't pick against the Hokies!

I begin driving and it's smelling real bad. Everyone is staring at me because my car is full of smoke. I only get a few yards before I'm stopped dead in the middle of traffic. Now, my car is fried (check out the video on the right -- it's near the end) and I'm trying to flag someone down as crazy-driving Virginia Tech fans are weaving past me, only no one will stop to help because I didn't pick the Hokies.

Last year, I was a hero here when I picked them to play FSU in the title game. Back then, people would have carried me on their shoulders to shelter. This year, I'm waving my arms in the rain. Finally, a nice guy showed mercy and helped me push the car to the side of the road and brought me back to the hotel. I got a new rental car around 2 a.m.

The moral of the story is I'm changing my pick. I'm going with Virginia Tech to win the national championship in Miami -- GUARANTEED -- I got the special message from above! And YO!! I'm not waiting for the other shoe to drop or lightning to strike twice; I'm buying a lottery ticket this week.

Lee Corso's Not So Fast, My Friends will strike weekly.

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