Steinbrenner 'Seinfeld' shows to air

NEW YORK -- Fans of the fictional George Steinbrenner from "Seinfeld" are going to get a week's worth of the Bronx Bombers' bumbling owner on TBS.

In honor of the death of the New York Yankees owner, the cable network is devoting July 19-23 to showing 10 episodes that feature Steinbrenner. The real Steinbrenner died Tuesday at age 80.

The bombastic owner was portrayed on the show as an arm-flailing, nonsense spewing boss who instilled feared in his employees. Series co-creator Larry David provided the voice for the character, and Steinbrenner was a fan of the hit 1990s comedy.

Jerry's friend George Costanza works for the Yankees and ends up being traded for a fermented chicken drink and chicken snacks.

The episodes air at 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m ET.