Bud Selig, MLB honor Derek Jeter

NEW YORK -- Commissioner Bud Selig awarded Derek Jeter the Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award and Major League Baseball donated $222,222.22 to Jeter's charity, the Turn 2 Foundation on Tuesday.

"When I was kid, as I reminisced the other day, my favorite player was Joe DiMaggio," Selig said during a pregame news conference at Yankee Stadium. "What Joe D meant to my generation, Derek has meant to his. I've been overjoyed to see Derek join the heroes of my youth -- Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and all the other greats. He is a great champion in every way."

The Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award was created in 1998. There have been 15 recipients. Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully was granted the award in September, while Mariano Rivera was given it last year.

"It means a lot for the commissioner to take the time and present me with this award," Jeter said. "I've always had the utmost respect for him throughout my career. As he said, our careers have paralleled. He is the only commissioner that I played under. We had a great relationship throughout the years. For him to take the time to present me with this award that hasn't been handed out too much, it is something that I will definitely cherish."

Jeter has now received nearly $577,666.66 in charitable donations from MLB and its teams. The Yankees also gave Jeter a $222,222.22 donation.

While Selig spoke glowingly about Jeter, he kept his remarks brief when discussing Alex Rodriguez, who is eligible to return from his PED suspension in 2015.

"That is a situation between him and the New York Yankees," Selig said. "Major League Baseball, we have done all that we can and should do. Now, it is up to Alex and the Yankees."