Bobby Valentine to do NY radio

DETROIT -- Bobby Valentine, who was working for ESPN before he was hired by the Boston Red Sox, has agreed to do a weekly show with Michael Kay on ESPN Radio New York. Kay also is the play-by-play man on Yankees telecasts on the Yes Network.

Valentine was asked how he thought his appearance on that show would be perceived in Boston.

"Why, there aren't any Boston fans in New York?" he asked. " I've known Michael for a long time. I've known ESPN for a long time. They asked. I agreed."

Valentine was asked a similar question: Given the New York-Boston rivalry, did he expect some discussion about it in Boston?

"Maybe," he said. "I have no idea. I never thought there would be, but since you're both talking about it and probably plan to write about it, there'll probably be some discussion about it, if not already. But there's nothing. There are going to be no secrets on that show. All it'll be, do the show, and they'll be happy I turned down the show on FAN, which is totally a Yankee show."

Valentine was asked if he planned to do daily or weekly radio gigs in Boston.

"Oh, I'll bet," he said. "I think I'm doing both."

Valentine did make an appearance on Boston's WEEI on Wednesday and once again refuted ESPN analyst Curt Schilling's assertion he isn't the right fit for the Red Sox.

"I never saw (the comments), I heard about them and I basically think it's irrelevant," Valentine said. "Because it's something about something he knows nothing about, obviously. He never played for me, he's never been in uniform for me and he hasn't been in the clubhouse during the spring. ... Don't make stuff up."