Ex-sportscaster Dom Valentino dies

NEW YORK -- Dom Valentino, a longtime sportscaster who once called games for the Yankees, Nets and Islanders in the same year, died Tuesday after a long illness. He was 83.

His son, David, said Dom Valentino had prostate cancer. He died at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, nine days after a choking incident left him unable to swallow, David Valentino said.

Dom Valentino was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Hingham, Mass., outside of Boston.

He was the play-by-play man for the Cincinnati Royals of the NBA. He moved with the team when it became the Kansas City-Omaha Kings in 1972.

In 1975, he joined the New York Yankees' radio team, which included Phil Rizzuto. That year he also called games for the New York Nets, who were playing in the ABA with Julius Erving, and the NHL's Islanders.

He also called games for the Oakland Athletics, managed by Billy Martin in the early 1980s.