Mets' Matt Harvey 'ready to go'

NEW YORK -- New York Mets ace Matt Harvey pronounced himself fit take his normal start Thursday against the St. Louis Cardinals at Citi Field.

Harvey had been pulled from Saturday's game against the Miami Marlins with lower-back discomfort after taking the mound for the eighth inning.

Harvey said a chiropractic maneuver in the trainer's room popped his back into place.

"Everything is fine," Harvey said. "I woke up today. Felt good. They told me my start date is Thursday. So I'm ready to go."

Harvey said he sporadically had similar issues at the University of North Carolina, which were similarly handled without any lasting effect.

"In college it happened a couple of times," Harvey said. "It hasn't happened since then. It was a quick thing. Once it was realigned, it was back to normal."

Harvey added that he would be capable of doing his full between-starts routine.

"Everything is normal," he said. "Everything is fine. I woke up today and didn't feel anything. So we're good to go."