Chris Christie: Mets still my team

ATLANTA -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the New York Mets are losers, but he loves them anyway.

During a visit to Samsel Upper Elementary School in Parlin, N.J., on Tuesday, Christie was asked by a schoolchild about his favorite sports team.

The straight-talking Christie first revealed he is a New York Knicks fan, then bluntly discussed his baseball allegiance.

"My favorite baseball team is the New York Mets," Christie said, which was met with a mixture of cheers and jeers from the school children.

"See, now, these are probably Yankees fans, right, that are booing," Christie continued. "Are those Yankees fans that are booing?

"OK, here's what I don't understand about Yankees fans: The Mets stink. We're awful. And the Yankees are usually really good. So why do you boo us? You should feel badly for us. We root for this awful team that never wins and yet the Yankees fans boo us. I don't understand that."

Christie, for the record, also roots for the Dallas Cowboys and New York Rangers.

He joked that his political advisers strongly discourage him from revealing his NFL allegiance, since the rival New York Giants as well as the Jets play in his home state.

Christie said he had an alibi for not rooting for the New Jersey Devils: They did not exist when he was growing up.