Knicks wait on LeBron, Wade, Bosh

New York Knicks president of basketball operations Donnie Walsh is a patient man.

The Knicks completed their presentation to free agent LeBron James on Thursday and followed it up with presentations to Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on Friday.

As of Sunday night, the Knicks still weren't sure where the players stood.

"I have no idea," Walsh said in a telephone interview. "I think that almost all of these guys have been tight about what their intentions are. All the meetings we had were really good. They were informative. But I didn't get an indication in what their interest was. The agent would say they're interested. And that's where we are. We are waiting to hear. With those guys you can afford to be a little patient."

Walsh did confirm that the Knicks' sent assistant GM Glen Grunwald to Cleveland for a second meeting with LeBron's agent, Leon Rose, on Saturday. But he said the meeting was just to clarify the team's cap situation both this year and the next.

"We didn't get into it in our first meeting the way we wanted to," Walsh said. "We just wanted to make sure they had all the information."

Walsh, however, denied a report by The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer that said the Knicks were meeting again with James on Sunday night.

"We don't have any other meetings scheduled with LeBron," Walsh said. "I'm in New York. Unless someone is there without my knowledge, no, we're done."

Walsh also said reports of the Knicks striking a deal with free agent Amare Stoudemire are premature.

"He spent the weekend in [New York] with his agent," Walsh said. "He went to some baseball games. [Coach] Mike [D'Antoni] met with him today to talk basketball and some personal issue this morning. We're meeting with him tomorrow. We haven't sat down and talked contract [with] him at all."

Walsh said the team is already exploring other free agent plans should LeBron, Wade and/or Bosh say no to the Knicks, saying the team had a plan "B, C, D, E and F."

He also addressed the idea that if the Knicks strike out in free agency with the top three of James, Wade and Bosh, that they might just save their money for next year.

"You could put it off until next year, but it's tough to do, especially with the direction we've been going," Walsh said. "But you can do it. At the very least, you have to start building into place some of the supporting cast now. If we can't get the stars this summer, we're at least going to put some players into place that will complement."

Chad Ford covers the NBA for ESPN.com.