Isiah Thomas not interested in Knicks

Isiah Thomas no longer harbors visions of replacing Donnie Walsh in New York.

Seven months after telling ESPNNewYork.com that he thought of replacing former New York Knicks president and general manager Walsh "every single day of the week," Thomas said Friday that he is no longer interested in the job Walsh just vacated, the same job Isiah himself once held.

"I have no desire to return as president of the Knicks," said Thomas, now the head coach of Florida International University. "I'm not a candidate to replace Donnie. I like the job I have right now, and the toll that the (Knicks) job took on me, my wife, and my kids, I don't want to go through that again."

Madison Square Garden chairman Jim Dolan tried to bring back Thomas as general manager last year before Walsh successfully lobbied against the move. When Dolan hired Thomas as a consultant instead, NBA commissioner David Stern voided the deal because he viewed Thomas' role as a college coach as a conflict of interest.

On a Friday conference call with reporters, Walsh called constant news media reports of Isiah's influence and relationship with Dolan "an annoyance."

Would Thomas consider leaving Florida International in Walsh's wake to accept a reduced role as a consultant or scout?

"I'll only say that Jim and I are great friends," Thomas said, "and I will always try to help him help the Knicks. If he wants me to help, I'll be there for him."

Ian O'Connor is the author of "The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter."