Carmelo Anthony switches strategy

NEW YORK -- The New York Knicks went from losing nine straight games to winning two in a row by an average of 34 points.

Carmelo Anthony says he's trying to shoot -- and score -- less and it's working for the Knicks, who pummeled the Orlando Magic, 121-83, at Madison Square Garden on Friday night.

"I wanted to do something a little different to see if it worked," Anthony said. "Me scoring 30 wasn't working."

Iman Shumpert, who was standing at the next locker stall, laughed. But Anthony may be on to something. During Thursday's 113-83 slump-busting victory over Brooklyn, Anthony made 8-of-12 shots and finished with 19 points, 10 rebounds and six assists.

On Friday against the Magic, the Knicks put together their first winning streak of the season with Anthony taking just 10 shots and making six of them while finishing with 20 points and 11 rebounds.

Anthony is averaging 25.9 points and 9.9 rebounds per game this season. During the Knicks' nine-game losing streak, he averaged 28.5 points while taking 23.2 shots.

In the last two games, the Knicks have been moving the ball with crisp passes and spreading the shots out. Anthony has deftly handled double teams and made the right passes out of them, and the results have been eye-opening. The Knicks buried 16-of-27 3-pointers against the Nets with six players scoring in double figures.

Against Orlando, the Knicks drilled 17 of 34 from behind the arc and had seven players score in double figures.

Amar'e Stoudemire said after the win in Brooklyn on Thursday that the Knicks' swagger and "mojo" was back.

"At some point it was going to get unleashed," point guard Raymond Felton said when asked if the Nets unleashed something in the Knicks. "Brooklyn is just a team that got the first wrath of it. Everybody else is going to have to feel it later on, too. But one game at a time."

Anthony seems to like this shoot-less approach, and the Knicks are having fun and winning again. But the reigning scoring champ knows sooner or later the Knicks will need 30 or more from him.

"There'll be a time again where I need to step up and score those points," Anthony said. "But the last couple games, the guys stepped up big time and it just allowed me to make them better and they made me better."

The Knicks (5-13) are in a favorable part of their schedule with Boston (twice), Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, Milwaukee, Memphis and Orlando all up in their next nine games.

"We got tired of losing," Anthony said. "Whether we figured everything out in two games, that's yet to come."