Iman Shumpert: Offense an upgrade

ARDSLEY, N.Y. -- New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert is spending his offseason working on strengthening his surgically repaired left knee and staying off social media.

He's also looking forward to playing in an offense that allows him to do more than "standing in the corner."

Shumpert, speaking at his Citi Basketball Procamp at House of Sports on Tuesday, said he is excited about the upcoming season with new coach Derek Fisher and the possibilities that come with playing in the triangle offense.

But Shumpert took what could be perceived as a shot at ex-Knicks coach Mike Woodson by pointing out that he could do more in the Knicks' new offense.

The three-year veteran averaged a career-low 6.7 points per game on 37.8 percent shooting last season in an offense under Woodson that was heavy on isolation.

"The way it's set up, you can start three guards, it really doesn't matter. Everybody's going to get touches, everybody gets opportunities to cut," Shumpert said of the triangle offense. "It's constant action going on. So I think that I'll be able to capitalize on that and I'll be able to use my athleticism a lot more than standing in the corner.

"I know this year in the offense I will have a lot more opportunities to cut and get to the basket," he added. "I just want to work on the strength of my leg. Been working on that and being able to pull up off one or two dribbles [and working] on corner [3-pointers] and open 3s."

Shumpert also said he wants to be able to feel confident leaping off one leg -- something he couldn't do last season. He has been strengthening his left leg, which sustained a torn ACL during his rookie season and a sprained MCL last season.

"All I've been working on is getting that trust in my left leg to take off from farther and take off earlier and use it a lot more cutting and slashing to the basket," said Shumpert, who has been working out this offseason in Florida. "Definitely trusting going off two legs than going off one leg last year. ... This year I want to go off one leg just as much as I go off two."

Meanwhile, Shumpert has stayed off social media this summer to steer clear of hearing trade rumors in which he's been mentioned since last winter.

"I used to react to it," Shumpert said of trade rumors. "That along with too many people telling you what you need to be doing. It caused me to step away from social media. I let my agency run it now and I tell them what to put and they update it for me and follow along with what is going on."

"I can't have people always having their opinions floating my way," Shumpert added. "I am done with that. I don't have the apps on my phone."