Carmelo seeks triangle 'comfort zone'

Knicks Suffer Third Straight Loss (1:17)

Deron Williams scored 29 points to power the Nets to a 110-99 win over the Knicks. (1:17)

NEW YORK -- After missing 15 of 20 shots in the New York Knicks' 110-99 loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Friday night, Carmelo Anthony admitted he isn't comfortable yet with the team's new triangle offense.

"I'm still getting there man, I'm still trying to find that comfort zone, still trying to find a way to get it going and just play better," Anthony said after the Knicks (2-4) lost their third straight game. "We're not playing well, I'm not playing well and it starts with me on this team. So I've got to get myself going, and I think that will trickle down to everyone else."

Anthony has struggled mightily with his shot during the Knicks' losing streak. He has missed 46 shots over the last three games, shooting 28 percent (18 for 64) from the field.

After the Knicks' loss to the Nets, Anthony suggested that he and his teammates might be overthinking things on offense.

The Knicks and first-year coach Derek Fisher are implementing the triangle offense this season, which requires constant movement away from the ball and a "read-and-react" approach from all five players on the floor.

"It's definitely not second nature. It can be you're thinking too much. I don't know. It's early but we have to figure it out," he said. "We have to kind of nip that in the bud. System or no system, we still have to go out there and play hard. We give our all out here on the court, and whether we win or lose we can live with that."

According to ESPN Stats & Information, Anthony is the first player to take 20 or more shots in consecutive games while making five or fewer since he did it himself in 2004. (He went 5 for 21 in the Knicks' loss to Detroit on Wednesday).

Anthony said after Friday's game that his struggles had little to do with the location of his shots in the Knicks' new offense.

"I'm still trying to figure it out," he said. "I don't think these teams are doing anything differently. ... For me it's just not going in. Whether it's rhythm, whatever it may be. There just not going in. Those are shots that I've been making and I will make, continue to make, throughout my career."

Anthony hit 50 percent of his shots in the Knicks' first three games, which included an upset win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and a home win over the Charlotte Hornets.

His shooting percentage has fallen 10 points over the last three games.

"He's just trying to figure things out," point guard Shane Larkin said. "I think he's thinking a lot out there. He's, in my opinion, the best scorer in the NBA. ... I think he's out there thinking like, 'All right, I just did this. Now what do I need to do to stay within the system?' And I think that's something that everybody is doing."