KG: Kidd deserves warm reception

NEW YORK -- Kevin Garnett hopes Jason Kidd receives a warm reception on Wednesday night when the former Nets coach and player returns for the first time as the Milwaukee Bucks' coach.

Kidd and the Nets went through a sudden and stunning divorce and this will be the first time the two sides are reunited since the coach was dealt to Milwaukee in June.

This won't be the typical Nets-Bucks regular-season affair. There will likely be some emotion on Wednesday night.

"Obviously, he is someone that you went hard for, gave everything that you had for," said Garnett, who waived his no-trade clause to be dealt to Brooklyn in part to play for Kidd. "It will be good to see him in the building. Hope people don't forget that, what he has done for Brooklyn and New Jersey and over the years.

"I think that sometimes we as fans forget and I think that's important to remember the good," Garnett continued. "Obviously, he is in another organization but don't forget the good that he's done for this organization and that is the message here."

Some Nets, like Deron Williams, have not spoken to Kidd since his departure. Williams was close with Kidd prior to Kidd being hired as Nets head coach a year ago.

"Our time was good," Williams said after the Nets practiced at Fort Hamilton as part of NBA Hoops for Troops. "It was up and down because of how the season went. The season was such a struggle early on but then once we got going it was great. Same time, I don't think he got a chance to coach us at full strength and Brook (Lopez) was missing and I was hurt and we had guys in and out.

"It is unfortunate how things ended up," Williams added. "This is a business. The organization and him made a business decision and he is now with the Milwaukee Bucks. We are worried about us now and what we are doing as a team and he has his team to worry about."

It will be interesting to see how the fans welcome Kidd. Sources said the Nets gave Milwaukee permission to talk to Kidd and ultimately dealt Kidd after he sought personnel control in addition to his coaching duties.

Kidd denied asking for more power but did intimate that reports by ESPNNewYork.com and Yahoo! Sports that the Nets front office had considered making a change last December in the midst of a 10-21 start might've played a role in his departure. "Did I want to be traded?" Kidd told ESPNNewYork.com last month. "I think once [the Nets] OK'd the talk to Milwaukee, that just showed, whatever you want to call it, rumors or no rumors, that they wanted to fire me in December had to have some legs."

Kidd brought up that point again in an interview with The Washington Post on Monday. The Nets' front office has denied suggesting a coaching change when Brooklyn was off to its awful start. Ownership stuck with Kidd before the then-rookie coach turned things around.

Earlier this month, owner Mikhail Prokhorov spoke about Kidd's departure for the first time, saying, "I think we shouldn't get mad. I think we should get even. And we will see it on the court."

"I think there is a nice proverb in English: Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord has split you," Prokhorov added.

Joe Johnson said he hasn't spoken to Kidd but he is looking forward to seeing his former coach. He also said he did not take Kidd's departure personally.

"It will be laughs and ha-ha's and kee-kee's," Johnson said of what he will say to Kidd when they talk. "I don't have any ill will or bitter feelings toward him. I appreciate him more than anything."

"I don't take it personally," Johnson later added. "Because for any one of you guys to get a job promotion that is going to pay you a little more than what you are already making, then probably you are going to evaluate it and if you feel like it is the best move for you, you're going to take the job, right? So I don't know how mad you can be. This is a business first and foremost. Sometimes people tend to lose sight of that."

Nets players said they did not know how fans will treat Kidd on Wednesday.

"It will be interesting," Lopez said. "I'll give him a pretty good reception, I think. I'll say hi to him."

The Nets have lost four straight games, so they have more to worry about than just Kidd or settling any scores.

"It's just another game for us," Williams said. "We need a win. Point blank. It doesn't matter who it is against."

"I am sure he will get a warm reaction from the crowd," Williams added. "But it is another game for us."