Heat-Nets delayed by leaky roof

NEW YORK -- A leaky roof caused Tuesday night's Miami Heat-Brooklyn Nets game to be delayed 31 minutes.

Play at Barclays Center was stopped with 1:47 remaining in the first quarter and the Nets trailing the Heat 24-21.

A massive trash can was brought over to collect the water falling from the roof of the $1 billion arena, which was falling near the courtside seats opposite the Brooklyn bench. Towels placed on the floor were not enough.

Players shot around for a bit before heading back to the locker rooms while the problem was addressed. They returned after the floor was mopped up, and the trash can was removed. The Heat went on to win 95-91.

Center officials addressed the leak via Twitter:

Nets coach Lionel Hollins said the delay didn't contribute to his team's loss.

"We just stood out there and waited until they told us to go into the locker room -- and we did, nothing special," he said. "I don't think that [the Heat] did anything special, either. They just came out with more energy afterwards. I was saying to myself that I hope it didn't get postponed. I hate when games get postponed and you have to make them up. It just makes the schedule even tighter down the road, so that's what I was thinking."

Joe Johnson said some of the Nets watched the Golden State Warriors-Memphis Grizzlies game in the locker room during the delay.

"It was a little weird, but it's part of it," Johnson said.

The delay was nothing new for Hollins.

"Multiple times -- it happens all the time," Hollins said. "It's part of the NBA. I was in a game, not playing but coaching, when Shaquille O'Neal broke the basket in Phoenix. I was in Portland when David Thompson broke the backboard with a dunk. It always happens. It's not often, but it's not so unusual that you would be shocked if it happened."