Melo: I played when I shouldn't have

NEW YORK -- Knicks All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony says the idea that he missed games earlier in the season to remain healthy enough to play in Sunday's All-Star Game is "absurd."

Anthony has missed 11 games due to a knee injury that likely will require surgery. Some have wondered if Anthony missed games in order to remain healthy for Sunday's game at Madison Square Garden. He bristled at that suggestion during All-Star media availability Friday.

"I've played when I wasn't supposed to play, so for people to say that is, that's absurd," Anthony said. "I've played through this [injury] since the second game of the season, since the first game of the season. So for somebody to say I was waiting for this moment -- yeah, I was waiting for the moment. All-Star weekend was here in New York so of course, I was waiting for this moment.

"(But) I played when I wasn't supposed to play. When people were telling me to sit out, I was fighting against them and still going out there and playing," Anthony added. "It was almost a point in the last couple of days where I wasn't going to participate in All-Star weekend."

Anthony reiterated Friday that he plans to play in Sunday's game, even if it's only for a few minutes.

He said he'd like to play in the game to acknowledge the fans who voted him as an Eastern Conference starter.

"That's important to me," Anthony said. "At the end of the day, it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation because if I would have said I'm not participating, I'd have gotten backlash about it. I'm saying I am participating. I get backlash. I'm happy. I'm here participating. It's here in New York. The fans voted me in and I'm going to play in the game."

Anthony, though, remains unsure about his status for the second half of the season.

He told ESPN Radio on Thursday that it is "very likely" that he will opt to undergo surgery at some point after the game to repair his left knee injury.

On Friday, Anthony said he will consult with team doctors next week before making a decision. He would like to play in the Knicks' next game -- on Feb. 20 against the Miami Heat -- if his knee condition allows it.

"I'll get back to the gym this week, talk to everybody, really do some tests and try to figure it out," Anthony said.

The exact nature of Anthony's injury is unclear, though he said earlier this week that it is a tendon injury and surgery would require a two-month rehabilitation.

Anthony acknowledged Friday that he would probably try to play the remainder of the season if the Knicks were in playoff contention.

"I'm able to kind of able to go out and give it a little bit now. So if we were in contention, I would still have to sit down and kind of come up with a plan that would get me through the end of the season," he said.

The Knicks, though, entered the All-Star break with a 10-43 record, the worst in the NBA. So Anthony will wrestle with the decision to shut himself down or continue to play shortly after Sunday's All-Star Game.

"For me, it's not an easy decision. For me to sit, it's frustrating," Anthony said. "It's exciting with the weekend, but it's frustrating at the same time to know that I have to deal with this. I can't really enjoy the game and the moment because I'm thinking about my own physical situation."