Cuban makes appearance at Dyckman

NEW YORK -- Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stopped by briefly during a game that featured Mavericks forward Corey Brewer and Bronx native Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Bobcats on Friday night at Dyckman Park.

Cuban's appearance was quicker than a New York minute.

Word that he would make an appearance became official via the Entertainer's Basketball Classic Twitter account. Cuban visited the famous Rucker Park in Harlem before heading to Washington Heights.

The standing-room only crowd showed Cuban love as he entered with security flanking his every step. Cuban shook hands with the fans that were lined up behind a bench and the scorers table. The owner of the defending NBA champions posed for pictures and sat for a few minutes in a beach chair before departing.

As he was escorted out, the game's emcee told the crowd on hand that because of NBA rules, Cuban was not allowed to stay any longer.

"I love anywhere where there's basketball. Anywhere where there's people coming out and having fun is always a good thing, man," Cuban said as he exited the park. "I'm glad Greg (Marius, CEO of the EBC) brought me out to be apart of it. I wish I could stay."

During the NBA lockout, rules prohibit any sort of contact between players and management.

Cuban watched as Brewer and Walker entertained the crowd. Moments after Cuban's entrance, Brewer drove down the lane and scored on a nifty, underhanded layup. A few possessions later, Walker spun around near the free-throw line and hit a jumper.

Cuban never exchanged any words with any of the league players -- who are currently locked out by the NBA -- while they were on the court.

"The atmosphere is phenomenal," he said. "I come out here to learn. It's a great spot. I'll be back."

"I saw him. We can't talk but I seen him," said Brewer of Cuban. "He's the man. ...
It means a lot anytime you come out here to the park. It's New York. This is were basketball is."

It was Brewer's first time playing at Dyckman Park, which has hosted a bevy of NBA players, including Kevin Durant, Brandon Jennings and Michael Beasley, over the last week.

"It was a lot of fun. I've always wanted to come to the park and play," Brewer said. "My man Joakim (Noah) is from New York. So he's always talked about Dyckman and Rucker and all of that. I'm happy to have a chance to come out here and play. It was a good experience."

Brewer was traded to the New York Knicks as part of three-team deal that brought Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups to The Garden on Feb. 22. He received a buyout from the Knicks, cleared waivers and then signed a three-year deal with Dallas on March 3.

It was Walker's second game and final in the league this summer as his team, Mann Up came up short against Brewer and Ooh Way Records, 66-62.

"It was fun. Had some friends and family," he said.

Walker scored 28 points in the loss. Brewer scored 15.

Walker was fouled while shooting a 3-pointer that he missed but hit all three free-throw attempts to close in, 63-60. On the next possession, Brewer had the ball with about 30 seconds left and was trapped at the corner of the half-court line. He lost control of the ball but a teammate wisely picked up and scored on a lay up to increase their lead to 65-60. Walker had a chance to cut the lead but missed a 3-pointer from above the arc.

Despite the former UConn star's performance in the clutch, Brewer walked away impressed.

"Ah, Kemba is nice. He's looking good," said Brewer on facing the Bobcats' ninth overall selection in the 2011 draft. "He's going to be good. Charlotte got a good pickup. So it was fun playing against him out here."