Andray Blatche rips Wizards

Brooklyn Nets backup center Andray Blatche took a shot at the 0-12 Washington Wizards on Tuesday, saying his former team should have had his back more.

"If my brother, my mom or my uncle was hurt or needed help, I would give them my last to make sure they're better, or I would have their back," he said on Washington, D.C.'s 106.7 FM. "I can't remember not once did anybody (with the Wizards) say, 'Give him a break or let's try to pick him up or anything.'

"They were basically like just saying, 'OK, when the booing started, well OK, let's use that as an excuse,' and then things just got worse and worse. Nobody ever once tried to help me, try to encourage me. If we're family, then act like it."

The 2011-12 season proved especially difficult for Blatche, who was released via the amnesty clause after seven years with the team. Getting ready to face the Knicks with his new team on Monday, he displayed his frustration by asking: "Anybody seen how the Wizards are doing?”

Blatche told the radio station that when he was dealing with a strained left calf, the Wizards told him to play through it. He said general manager Ernie Grunfeld "didn't have my back," but he praised owner Ted Leonsis, saying: "He's about winning. He's a first-class guy, and I have nothing against him."

Blatche did admit that he was out of shape entering the shortened season. He believed the lockout would wipe out all of the games and didn't prepare well enough.

"I could've done a lot more pool workouts, just to take stress off my legs," he said.

As for several off-the-court issues that tarnished his reputation in Washington, Blatche defended most of them.

He and a couple of other Wizards were commonly referred to as "knuckleheads" for underperforming and causing trouble. Blatche took issue with the term and its origin -- which he placed in the front office.

"Who else would say that? None of my teammates did," he said. "For them to say, 'He's a bad teammate, he's a cancer in the locker room, he's this, he's that,' all that was a bunch of lies. That's what really made me mad, because when they start saying those rumors and putting that in the media and all that type of stuff, that basically showed right there they were just trying to end me."

He also said he never refused to check into a game this past March after coach Flip Saunders benched him for not getting back on defense.

"They apologized to me and they said, 'It was a misunderstanding,'" he said. "That never got to the media."

In addition, Blatche defended several incidents and poor decisions before last season. In 2007, he reportedly attempted to solicit sex from a female police officer in Washington's prostitution-enforcement unit. The charge was later dropped after Blatche followed court orders and attended a seminar.

"First of all, that was a joke gone bad," he said. "Do the full research because we didn't have nothing on us."

Blatche also didn't see anything wrong in his actions regarding an incident in 2010, when he smiled and laughed when Gilbert Arenas pointed fingers at his teammates, as though he were shooting them.

"They acted like that was the first time that happened," he said.

Then there was the situation when he hosted "Lapdance Tuesday" at a Miami Beach nightclub one night in 2011.

"Lapdance Tuesday is not a strip club," he said. "It's a regular club in Miami. It's called Cameo. On Tuesday nights, they call it Lapdance Tuesday. It's not a strip club at all. You can go down there on any Tuesday, and you will not see no strippers."

However, when it came to charges of reckless driving and having a suspended license in 2008, he said, "Yes, that was my fault."

Blatche insisted that he never gave up in Washington even after he signed a massive contract in 2007, and the team never won more than 26 games per season from 2008 to 2012.

While Blatche said that he's trying to move on from his tenure in Washington, he summed up the interview with what Wizards fans already knew before he jumped on the airwaves.

"First of all, I'm not making excuses for myself at all," he said. "I told you I was young and immature, and just being stupid."