J.R. Smith not surprised by tweet

NEW YORK -- Knicks guard J.R. Smith accepts his $25,000 fine from the league for tweeting hostile and inappropriate language toward the Detroit Pistons' Brandon Jennings, but he wonders where the loyalty is between NBA players.

On Wednesday, Jennings sent out the following tweet, which was later deleted, in reference to Smith's brother, Chris Smith, who also is on the Knicks' roster: "Wait wait wait JR smith brother is in the NBA but @PoohJeter & @BBROWNLAU isn't. Call me hater but not Rollin!!!"

Smith was asked if Jennings crossed a line or broke an unspoken code between players.

"There's no loyalty in this game, so there is no loyalty player to player," Smith said before the Knicks hosted the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday night. "There's no loyalty between anything in this game. I don't really expect that it should be like that, but it isn't."

Knicks coach Mike Woodson talked with Smith and warned the guard about watching what he does on social media.

"He's just got to clean up," Woodson said. "You know that, and I do. He's got to let things roll off, let it go, and just concentrate on playing basketball."

Woodson said he will not ask Smith or any of his players to stop using social media.

"There's nothing I can do about that," Woodson said. "I can't take that away from him, none of the players; I don't have the right to do that."

Smith got in trouble with his coach and the NBA when he responded to Jennings' tweet by appearing to threaten to send his "street homies" to Detroit, presumably to confront Jennings.

Smith also wrote that he had "no respect" in a tweet that appeared to be directed toward Jennings.

"No respect for these lil kids who pop at the mouth on twitter an then want to delete they tweets! #GrowUp! #ManUp! @TheOnlyCSmith0 #Facts!," Smith tweeted.

Smith said he won't shut down his Twitter account.

"No, I'm not going to do that," he said. "I just have to be better at policing myself.

"[Woodson] sent the right message. It's just a matter of me doing the right thing."

Chris Smith, who hadn't appeared in a game this season entering Saturday, was activated by the Knicks before the Hawks game as Metta World Peace sat out with a sore left knee.