Report: Jets fly by landmark

New York proudly wore Jets colors Sunday night.

After the win over the Patriots the team was treated to a view of the Empire State Building lit up in green and white, according to a report in the New York Post. The captain of the Boeing 767 carrying the team asked the tower at Newark Airport for permission to get closer to the building to show the players.

"Well, I've had an unusual request," the captain said, according to the paper. "If it's green and white, these guys actually want to get as close as we could to see it."

The request came from coach Rex Ryan, team sources told the newspaper.

"No other flights were affected" by the slight detour, FAA spokesman Jim Peters told the Post.

"For the Empire State Building to be lit green and white was already special," Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said, according to the newspaper. "Then for everyone involved to allow us to have a view on our way back was a great ending for our trip and something that the team will always remember."

Such requests are not uncommon, and the tower was reportedly happy to accommodate the team.

When the plane approached Newark for landing, according to the Post, the flight controller said: "Clear to land for the champion New York Jets."

The Empire State Building will again display Jets colors Jan. 21-23 in recognition of the team's AFC Championship Game against the Steelers.