Osi Umenyiora responds to barbs

The rivalry between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles has managed to grow during the lockout as Osi Umenyiora and LeSean McCoy trade verbal barbs.

Umenyiora referred the Eagles running back as "Lady Gaga" and "she" one day after McCoy tweeted that the Giants defensive end is "soft" and "overrated" and the third best defensive lineman on the Giants.

"I refer to him as she because that is something that a woman would do," Umenyiora told ESPNNewYork.com by telephone on Friday. "You can sit over there and be a Twitter gangster all you want to but on the football field is where you are supposed to address these types of things."

Umenyiora certainly did not have his poker face on when talking about why he refers to McCoy as "Lady Gaga."

"I have always referred to him as that because he is woman," Umenyiora explained. "We have a lot of animosity toward each other personally and on the football field is where I thought it was left. But he has decided to take it off the football field and say some things that I just have no respect for."

"Whenever a guy like an Andy Reid or a Michael Vick or a Jason Peters, whenever they come out and say some things like that, that might hurt me," Umenyiora added. "But a guy like LeSean McCoy, he's a nobody. He just needs to be quiet."

The Eagles swept the Giants last year in two very hard-fought divisional games. The NFC East rivalry only figures to get spicier with help from Umenyiora and McCoy.

Ohm Youngmisuk covers the Giants for ESPNNewYork.com.