Decker discusses wife's opinions

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Eric Decker's reality TV show is on hiatus, but the soap opera continues.

Instead of answering football-related questions Thursday, the New York Jets wide receiver spent most of his media session talking about the latest social media dust-up involving his wife, country singer Jessie James Decker.

On Wednesday, she took to Instagram to lash out at critics that suggested the only reason he signed a free-agent contract with the Jets was because of the money -- a five-year, $36.25 million deal.

"She's obviously unfiltered, which is comical," said Decker, who, unlike his wife, measures his words carefully.

Decker enjoyed a successful, four-year run with the Denver Broncos, but said he wasn't offered a contract to return. He thought the Jets were a team on the rise, but they've bottomed out at 2-10 and he hasn't made an impact.

Earlier this week, Decker's wife told a local radio station that he was "depressed" by the team's struggles. There was a Twitter war early in the season when she defended her husband against angry Jets fans who ripped Decker for rah-rah tweets during a losing streak.

Decker admitted that dealing with his wife's outspoken nature is a challenge.

"Of course," he said. "That's a discussion we have personally. In the world of music and entertainment, it's once a fan, always a fan. It's different in the sports world. Everything is critiqued. Everyone has an opinion. I respect that, but it's hard at times when things aren't all rosy. Obviously, we've had that discussion.

"It's something where I don't want to be standing here [and answering these] questions every time I'm at my locker, but I do love that she speaks her mind. It says a lot. As for the circumstances ... we'll talk about that."

Decker has acknowledged that one of the reasons he chose the Jets is the appeal of New York and the impact it could have on his wife's career. They've starred for two seasons on their own reality show, "Eric and Jessie: Game On." There could be a third season. She sang the national anthem at a September home game.

On Tuesday, former Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards appeared on a local TV show and said Decker "chose to go for the money as opposed to a contender."

Then came this Instagram message from Decker's wife, which she later deleted.

"So for all the people that have accused Eric of choosing money. You don't know anything. He was never asked, called or offered anything from the Broncos! But we couldn't be happier to be in NJ and NYC. God has a plan for everything :))"

Decker said his wife wasn't responding specifically to Edwards.

"She wasn't attacking anyone," he said. "It's just the overall perception of people. If we're 9-3, this conversation wouldn't be happening. I feel like the decision I made in March to come here was for good reasons. I believe this will eventually turn."

Decker leads the Jets in receptions, but he has only 49 for 531 yards and four touchdowns.