Tom Coughlin says Jason Pierre-Paul 'anxious' to be at Giants camp

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants still don't know when injured defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul will be back in their building, but at least he's been more communicative with them lately.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said he spoke with Pierre-Paul on Friday for the first time since the July 4 fireworks accident that cost Pierre-Paul his right index finger and severely damaged his thumb and other fingers.

"Everybody's had a good conversation, and mine was the same," Coughlin said after Giants practice Saturday. "Do I know any more than I did before? No. Do I know when he's coming back? No. He's looking forward to coming. He's anxious to be here. But he's not going to come until he feels like he's ready to play."

Part of Pierre-Paul's issue is contractual. He has yet to sign his $14.813 million franchise tender, mainly because once he signs it the Giants will have the ability to put him on the non-football injury list and elect not to pay him for games missed. At some point, Pierre-Paul and the Giants likely will come to some sort of agreement on how (and how much) he'll be paid this year, and at that point he'll likely come to camp. But with a week and a half left on his original recovery timetable from his July 8 thumb surgery, he's not planning to show up until his hand has done more healing and he and the team can make some educated estimates about how much longer he'll need to recover.

"It was good to hear his voice," Coughlin said. "He sounded good. He wishes he was here too."