Ann Mara to attend Super Bowl

INDIANAPOLIS -- Ann Mara, matriarch of the New York Giants, upgraded her Super Bowl XLVI status from probable to definite Monday when she said the broken shoulder she suffered in a fall last week won't keep her from the big game.

"If I had to crawl to Indianapolis I'd be there," Mara told ESPNNewYork.com by phone. "I have no intention of staying home. I'll be ready to go on the plane on Thursday."

Mara, the 82-year-old widow of former Giants owner Wellington Mara, unwittingly made herself an Internet sensation by confronting Fox broadcaster Terry Bradshaw in the wake of the NFC Championship Game victory over San Francisco.

"Hey, you never pick the Giants," the great grandmother barked at Bradshaw as he tried to interview Victor Cruz in the winners' locker room.

"I know, I know, I'm sorry," Bradshaw responded on air. "I'm getting hammered for not picking the Giants."

Monday, Mara said she had no idea her exchange with Bradshaw was being broadcast on live TV.

"I couldn't wait to go up to him, because he never, ever picks us," Mara said, "but I didn't know we were on TV. We were in the locker room; I didn't expect there to be cameras in there.

"And now I'm getting mail from all over the country. People are sending my picture from the paper and asking me to autograph it, and I'm getting so many flowers now that I thought I was being waked."

After returning from San Francisco last Monday, Mara broke her right shoulder in a fall in church. "I was on my way back from communion," she said, "and the floors had just been waxed in the church. I went flying, and landed right on the shoulder."

Mara said she is wearing a sling and is scheduled for more X-rays Tuesday. She plans on bringing her ol' reliable rosary beads to Indianapolis. Mara holds fast to her beads during all big games; she had them in her hands when Scott Norwood went wide right way back when.

And her feud with Bradshaw? "One New York law firm sent me boxing gloves colored in Giant blue," Mara said. "One glove says 'Terry,' and the other glove says 'Bradshaw.' Maybe next time I see him I'll have those gloves with me."

Ian O'Connor is a columnist for ESPNNewYork.com.