Giants still open to Victor Cruz deal

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Jerry Reese said a contract extension for Victor Cruz remains a possibility.

Cruz is entering the final year of his deal worth $540,000 and has said he would like a new contract.

"It could happen," Reese said. "All those options are open. I just think Victor is focused on being a good football player again. The contract situation will take care of itself."

Cruz hasn't made a fuss about his contract, preferring to stay focused on football and improving upon his breakout season.

It certainly is a much quieter training camp this year for the Giants' general manager. Last year, Reese had to deal with Osi Umenyiora's contract drama, losing Kevin Boss and Steve Smith in free agency in camp and replacing several injured players in the preseason.

This year, Umenyiora is practicing after agreeing to restructure the final year of his contract and the defending champions are pretty much set barring injuries or a need to upgrade with a veteran presence at a certain position.

"Quiet is OK, but it doesn't bother me to have a little chatter going into training camp," Reese said when asked about the lack of drama in camp thus far. "Actually, I kinda like it a little bit when there's a little bit of chatter and if it's rocky a little bit. It keeps everybody on edge a little bit and actually I have a little bit of nervous energy because it's too quiet."

This year, the only drama surrounding the Giants concerns whether certain young players will step up at key positions.

In his state of the team address to start camp, Reese touched on several subjects, including his high expectations for cornerback Prince Amukamara.

"I expect Prince to play like a first-round draft pick," Reese said of last year's 19th overall pick. "That's pretty cut and dried for me."

"He should challenge for a starting job and play like a first-round draft pick," Reese added. "When you pick a guy that high, in the first round, you expect him to play and play well and be a strong contributor to your team."

At the moment, the Giants' starting corners are Corey Webster and Terrell Thomas. Veterans Michael Coe and Justin Tryon are also ahead of Amukamara on the depth chart based on the snaps they have been getting thus far in practice.

Amukamara, who did have an interception during the first camp practice on Friday, is one of several young players the Giants are hoping will step up this season.

Reese, like many others, has been keeping any eye on first-round pick David Wilson, who already may be the most explosive player on the team.

"He's got to get in the mix and see how he fits in," Reese said of Wilson. "Obviously, you pick a guy in the first round, you expect him to come in and contribute. So we expect David Wilson to get up to speed and take care of the ball, and he has to pass protect. We know he can run, he can get the ball in his hands and be explosive and can catch the ball."

"But the things young running backs (have to do), they have to take care of the ball and don't put it on the ground and pass protect," Reese added. "We are not worried about him as a runner but the other little things he has to get right to play in this league."

Reese doesn't seem to be worried about much at all. Last season, many fans panicked after the Eagles made a bunch of splashy moves in free agency and the Giants' biggest free-agent moves were signing a center and punter.

Reese calmly told reporters that the Giants were going to be a good team and that they were going to make the playoffs.

This year, Reese has another guarantee.

"I guarantee there will not be a guarantee," Reese said. "I think it's a good roster. I think it's a really good roster. It's yet to be seen how good we can be. I really like the roster. I think we can be strong. I think we can be good again. But you have to do it. You can't talk about it. You have to go out there and do it."

Reese doesn't have to make any promises after winning two Super Bowls since the 2007 season. But he knows that he can still get a boat load of hate mail like he did after losing Boss and Smith last preseason if things don't go as planned.

"I still get a few," Reese said with a smile. "It's OK. It's all right."