SI poll: Tim Tebow most overrated

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Tim Tebow's time on the bench has changed the perception of him among his peers.

Five months after being named one of the top 100 players in the NFL, the New York Jets' backup quarterback was voted the most overrated player in the league -- in a landslide -- based on a Sports Illustrated poll released this week.

"Oh, really? No, I didn't see it," Tebow told the New York Daily News when asked about the poll. "Yeah, it's really fine. It's both sides, because they also voted me in the Top 100 (Players on NFL Network), too."

A total of 180 players voted in the survey, with 34 percent naming Tebow. How's this for a twist? Jets starter Mark Sanchez finished tied for second, receiving 8 percent of the votes. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo also got 8 percent.

At least Tebow can say he's ahead of Sanchez in one category.

Coach Rex Ryan was asked about the poll, and it left him in an unfamiliar position -- almost speechless.

"Wow, what are you going to say?" he said, laughing. "I don't know how to comment on that. I just know I'm happy they're on my football team -- on our football team. Seems like the Jets always get something, you know?"

It's remarkable how quickly things change in the NFL. In May, the NFL Network released its player poll of the top 100, with Tebow in the No. 95 spot. He was coming off a playoff appearance with the Denver Broncos, whom he rallied from a 1-4 start.

Tebow was traded to New York, where he has yet to play a significant role on offense -- only 55 total snaps. He has made most of his important plays on special teams as the personal protector on the punt team. Running twice and throwing once with Tebow as the up-back, the Jets are 3-for-3 on fake punts.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick finished fourth on the list with 4 percent of the players' votes, while Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis (3 percent) was fifth.